You’ll Never Bring Your Phone Inside The Bathroom Again After Reading This!

No matter what whether you go to sleep or wake up or go to bathroom or even a washroom you always keep your cell phone by your side?

Are you one of those people who can’t imagine their life without cell phones?

If yes, no need to be feeling proud of it. Today I have come with some mind boggling facts that might enforce you to think twice, before taking your cell phone along with you during nature’s call.

So here we go…

How do those germs can cause illness

cause illness

You must be thinking, you never carry the germs in your bathroom, but you are wrong. The moment you keep your cell phone on the nearby shelf of your toilet seat all the germs came in contact of your cell phone. And when you get back to take your cell phone outside the loo, they travel along with you. So no matter even you wash your hands before having your food and keeping one hand on the infected phone. Germs will travel to your gut.

Bathrooms are covered with germs


Yes! The cell phone you put near your toilet seat, all that area is covered with germs, no matter how much clean you keep your bathrooms. One percent of germs always roam around in your bathroom which can spread serious illnesses.

Things to do

Things to do

First of all never carry your cell phone to the loo. Even if you does, always wipe your cell phone with an alcohol wipe to kill the cumulative bacteria and wash your hands with sanitizer to kill the bacteria on your hands too.

What does the studies says…


According to studies, your toilet handle, faucet, floor, doorknob and the toilet paper dispenser, are the filthiest part of your bathroom, which are closer to your toilet seat.