What Your Walking Style Says About Your Personality

Have you ever wondered why people say, first impression is the last impression?

Because the way we talk, laugh, sit, look, or even walk tell lots of little things about who we are, which character has the most influence on us, what we can be, and so on. These things might seem arbitrary to you but they actually unveil some pretty secrets about you.

Sounds crazy! Isn’t it?

Let’s see what does the research and studies of cultural experts and social scientists have to say about our walking styles, speed and stride, and how these things can define our personality or character.

The Corrector

The Corrector

Light on toes, eyes are glued to the floor, and arms held close to the sides – people with such strolling strides are called “Corrector.” They are most likely introvert and polite. They expect others to understand them without saying a word. Suggestion: Start speaking, as others are not telepaths or god. Until you won’t speak a word, nobody is going to understand you.

The Stomper


Stomping feet means you have lost sensation in the limb. It is generally occurred due to B12 vitamin deficiency. Such people remain tired most of the times; have sore tongue, and bleeding gums. Suggestion: Eat more dairy products and eggs. Reduce the consumption of alcohol. Or consult doctor for supplement.

The Arm Swinger

Arm Swinger

If you have a habit of swinging arms on the opposite side of the leg that means you are “the Arm Swinger.” Suggestion: It’s good to have long arms as it indicates good neck and back health, but if one of your shoulders rolls freely or the other is stuck, it can cause back or neck problem and inactive lifestyle.

The Influencer

The Influencer

People walk with shoulders back, chest forward, and head held high with a springy pep in their footstep, are the “Influencer.” They are fun, charismatic, and socially adept, but for the introverts their over friendly nature is little over the top. Suggestion: You are the show stealer. That’s good, but sometimes it can hurt the host. Let others finish their talk then act.

The Multitasker

The Multitasker

Walking, talking, chewing gum, fiddling with the keys or doing anything else all at once that means you are a multitasker. Their walking pace also keeps varying. Generally such people are creative and imaginative.

The Driver

The Driver

Such people keep their weight forward and have a quick stride. They are positive, productive, logical, and very intelligent. But your flip side is little cold, competitive, and fiery. Suggestion: Slow down your walk, make eye contact, admire the nature around you, and initiate conversation once in a while. The cold feeling you emit to acquaintance that will go away.

The Short Strider”…


Shorter strides can be an indicator of a looming hip problem. According to the The Journal Of Sexual Medicine study women with longer strides are more satisfied in the bedroom. Suggestion: So if you are a woman who can’t resist stilettos for a day, time to reconsider it dear.

The Supporter

The Supporter

They carry their weight over their legs, neither forward nor back and walk with medium-paced speed. They prefer people over task assigned which sometimes pile up their work. They like to be a part of a group. Others consider you weak and can take advantage of you. Suggestion: Stay focused and be aware of the shrewd people.

The Arm Crosser

Arm Crosser

Arms crossed and slow pace while walking indicates that the person is an easy prey. Anybody can attack them. Suggestion: If you are a woman, keep your arms uncrossed and walk upright. The much confident posture reduces the chances of getting attacked by veil people.

The Foot Shuffler

Foot Shuffler

Senior citizens are generally the foot shufflers, because due to weak eye sight and not so confident depth perception or orientation they have a fear of falling so they take more tentative steps. Suggestion: So if you are not a senior citizen and facing this problem, it is alarming situation. Go and consul doctor.