Terrifying Moment Lion Tries To Kill Baby On Live TV But Mother Just Laughs

Lions are said to be very unpredictable. They may seem to be calm and comfortable at one moment and in the very next moment they can turn to be dangerous. In a video clip which has been going viral from sometime now a lion is seen live trying to pull a toddler, read on to find more:

Mother Tries To Get The Baby From The Lions Clutches

Lions Clutches

As the baby screams loud, mother gets up to save her baby. She tries to free her baby from the lion’s clutches. However she unable to get her baby, the trainers tell her to keep calm

Mother Is Seen Smiling

Seen Smiling

Shockingly the mother seems to having a smile in her face, although some people say it’s a reaction out of nervousness.

Mexican TV Show

Mexican TV Show

This incident happened in Mexico live during a TV show “Con Sello De Mujer”. This clip of the show begins with an anchor, a woman with her toddler a lion and two trainers.

Baby Starts To Cry

To Cry

As the lion pulled, the baby starts to cry which probably confuses the lion and it grabs the baby’s legs with its paws.

The Trainers Rescue The Baby

The Baby

The trainers of the lion are heard saying something in Spanish which apparently means “Relax, relax, don’t move, don’t move”. Thankfully thy engage the Lion and get the baby from it.

Lion Tries To Claw The Baby

To Claw

As the mother and everyone are seen in conversation on the show, the lion is seen looking sideways and then suddenly it tries to claw the baby, trying to pull the baby from the mother.