This Real-Life HULK Actually Exists, And His Photos Are Gloriously Angry

Forget the green, but real-life hulk does exist. He remains angry all the time and his photos come out similar to our favorite HULK. He is an Iranian body builder, who may look intimidating from outside, but is indeed sweet from within. He might have been too long into gym to get that similar body to our comic star, but now he has won over his dreams by getting recognition for it.

No body part without a muscle!


It doesn’t look like his one body part is spared off a muscle. And even though his loved ones would claim that they like him, we can all admit that one look at him in real life, would make some of us *pee* in our pants.

Meet Sajid Gharibi

Sajid Gharibi

He is 24 years old and weighs over 175 kilos which means 385 pounds and is Iranian, very popular on the Internet.

No neck!

No neck

Gharibi can lift huge weights very easily and his muscles are a force to be reckoned with as his neck is also a muscle!

59,000 followers on Instagram


He had this much followers, which is pretty hilarious because the pictures are just him wearing no tee-shirt. It seems people are into this too!

“Persian Hercules”

persian Hercules

On social media he keeps posting his diet routine and workout pictures, inspiring everyone around the world. Some even call him Persian Hercules, as he is pretty huge.