Mom Gives Birth To Quintuplets And Their Birth Shocked The Doctors

Adam and Danielle moved to Houston about 10 years ago to start their family. Later they discover that they have problem with infertility. They tried a lot of medications and drugs to conceive but didn’t succeed in any of it. Then they decided to do it one last time and fortunately they were blessed with a daughter. Few years later they wanted to grow their family bigger.

Team Of Five Doctors Came Together To Deliver The Quintuplets


Team of five doctors came together to deliver the quintuplets and it just took 4 four minutes for Danielle to deliver the babies named Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, and Riley Paige.

Giving Birth To A Quintuplet Is Quite Risky And There Are A Lot Of Chances Of Pregnancy Loss Or Miscarriage.

Giving Birth


Giving birth to a quintuplet is quite risky and there are a lot of chances of pregnancy loss or miscarriage. Doctors says that Danielle’s successful delivery of the babies is just because of her focus to keep herself and her babies healthy as she maintained a 4,500 calories of food and stick to it to the best she could.

The Moment Adam And Danielle Decided Of Having Another Baby They Prepared Their Mind

Their Mind

The moment Adam and Danielle decided of having another baby they prepared their mind that they have to go a long way as they had already faced a lot of difficulty to conceive at the time of their first baby.

Then The Doctor Asked To Follow The Same Regiment From Her First Pregnancy

First Pregnancy

Then the doctor asked to follow the same regiment from her first pregnancy and then within two months she got pregnant. But what happen later will shock you all. Read the whole article below to find out what happen to her after she conceived the second time.

Just After Two Months They Find Out That Danielle Was Pregnant

Two Months

But within two months they find out that Danielle was pregnant. But this time it was different as it was quintuplets. Then they were preparing themselves for four girls and one boy but another surprise was waiting for them.