How to Tell If Someone Is Flirting with You Based on Zodiac Signs


Flirting is something that we have done at some point in time. Some are more flirtatious than others and some even have a habit of doing it for the sake of it. Some do it for attention but mostly it is done to get the attention of a person that you are into. It is not only something that is communicated verbally but it is also done with body language. Sometimes we do not even know that we are flirting but we end up giving signs to the person we are around.

We all have different personalities and traits, in accordance to how you are – you might all flirt in a different manner. Some people are more direct and face-on about their approach. And then there are some who was way subtle about it, such people are mostly introverts. But majority of the time it is done subconsciously and not on purpose. We jotted down different ways that people flirt according to their personalities and their zodiac sign. Keep your eyes out for these signals.



Leo is a sign that will go all out on gestures and showing you how much they are into you in a fancy way. They will take you out on fancy dates at the most expensive restaurants and order the most expensive wine. They are very generous at heart and will shower you with gifts, attention and love. Even if they just want to take you out for coffee, they will make sure they take you to the place that has the longest line.


These people make sure that they waltz into your life and stay there forever. They might be generous generally but they are way more generous with the ones that they love. If you reciprocate back and are equally into them, they will even do things privately just for you.



Capricorns are kind-a serious and hard to deal with. Not every Capricorn is friendly and they will approach you in a very formal manner. If they like you then they will loosen up a bit. But with others they will make sure that a barrier remains. They will try to impress you with what all they have and what all they have achieved in life.


They are so guarded because deep down inside they are insecure and want to protect themselves. When you know this about Capricorns – take advantage of it.


unlucky sign

This is the most unlucky sign – when they like someone, they will be so obvious that the world will know about it. But at the same time they are not putting any effort into hiding it either. They are so aloof that everyone is watching them and they are aware of what the Pisces is doing.

Pisces staring

You will find a Pisces staring at you. That’s not their purpose, but they are dreamy and tend to get lost in that process.


Aries by

Aries by nature are mostly extroverts. And extroverts tend to be more confident, friendly and social. In majority of the cases they will approach you head on and directly, making sure that you know that they are into you. They will not wait for you to give a sign, they will just come up to you and start talking. Unless they decide that it is not the best approach in that given situation and they need to approach you in a different manner.


But it will not take much time before everything is out in the open. They will make it pretty obvious that they are attracted to you and what your response to their approach is.


Scorpio is

These people do not like to waste their time, if they want you – they want you for good. They have analyzed as much as they could and they are not confused about what they want. They have considered all the pros and cons with their trusted friends and made plans to make you theirs. They are talkers, so they will talk to you about everything under the sun. They would want to know your deepest darkest secrets.

take you

They take you as a mystery that needs to be uncovered. They are extremely curious to know what all you are about. They would mostly want to dive into conversations that make you vulnerable and let a person in to who you really are.



Taurus is introverted when it comes to nature and how their flirt. Their way is not coming on strongly but to engage in more conversation with you. They will ignore who else is in their environment and fully focus on you. This is their way of showing that they are not interested in anything but you at that moment. Your life can become a little easier if you pick up their non-verbal signs. Body language can be a way stronger method of communication in comparison to verbally telling someone that they are into you. They will constantly do something that gets your attention.


These people will take their sweet time in telling you how they feel about you. They are shy and reserved when it comes to expressing themselves. But the day they do say something to you, they will mean it and stand true to it. Such people do not jump into things without giving too much thought. They take their sweet time and calculate very accurately as to what is what.


Cancer are

Cancerians are so subtle at flirting that they usually end up getting friend-zoned. They will approach you in a very sweet and caring manner. They will not hit on you in a naughty, playful way but in a concerning way. They will ask you how your day was, and what all you ate – how your health and family are doing etc. This is where they start from and end up getting to know you. Once they think it is time to tell you how they feel, they will express it in the same manner. Cancerians are one of the most loving and caring signs, they might seem hard from the outside but are soft from the inside.


They are also very sensitive as people, so tread carefully otherwise you will end up hurting them. Do not lead such people on if you do not intend to date them in the future, it will break their heart.




Now this is a tricky zodiac sign. They approach people in order to become friends with them and they act like they are not interested in anything more than that. If they like you, they will take you out and spend time with you – just as a friend. They will spend hours and hours talking to you.


Aquarians tend to invest a lot of time in their relationships and are only found spending time with the people they like. If you want to speed up this process, you would have to make the move yourself.


Virgo will

Virgo will show their interest by helping you in your daily life. They make sure they show and tell you that they are useful people and will do things for you on practical ground. They know that if they walk into someone’s life – it should be to create value in their lives. They are extremely observant as well. They will notice how you smell, how you speak, what you said when and even what you were wearing a week ago.

give you

The make sure that they make your live easier and give you as much support as they can.



If you hear someone in your surrounding being super loud and holding discussions with a lot of energy – it is probably a Gemini. They will make sure they catch your attention indirectly and are the center of attention amongst their friends. If you like to swim, they will somehow know and will be talking about the exact same thing. If you are into poetry, you will find them loudly being dramatic and signing out verses. And yes if you by any chance think that this is a coincidence – it is not!


They have done their homework before doing all of those things. They are not new to this game and know exactly how to get the attention of their target.



The simplest and the easiest of all – they are the most friendly and will not use subtle ways to tell you that they are into you. They are pretty straight forward and don’t waste anyone else’s time. They make it easy for a person to approach them or even reciprocate to them without any fear.


There are like an open book, no one needs to discover them and dig out their real personality. It is what it is – on the face value. They do not miscommunicate and they say things the way they are meant to be said.



Libra plays a little game of ‘hot and cold.’ They will be interested in you out of the blue and when you start getting used to that attention – they will suddenly pull away. They do this to make you run after them and reciprocate with an intensity.

getting hot

They will keep getting hot and cold in order to keep you on your toes and till you very evidently show interest – that is when they will make their move.