Ever Wondered What The Half Moon Shape On Your Nails Means

Have you ever checked your nails? I don’t think you fashion women have ever bothered to think about the condition of your nails. They are not just to flaunt with nail art matching to your clothes. Nails are a very significant body part as they act as an indicator of health problems because the state of our nails mirrors the state of our bodies. If you find any changes in your nails, it will indicate that something is going wrong with your nail health.

Have you ever observed the crescent-shaped whitish area at the nail bed?  This area is quite sensitive one and must be taken care of. This article is shared to describe the condition of your nails paints a picture of your overall health.



Basically, you can mostly see it on the thumb but not everyone’s lunula is visible. It may be barely visible due to eponychium, the thickened layer of skin surrounding fingernails and toenails covering the lunula.

The Reddish Smudges Might Be A Symptom Of Cardiovascular Diseases

The Reddish

A lack of lunula indicates indigestion and toxin overload in the body.

This Whitish Half-Moon On The Nails Is Quite Sensitive, So Avoid It From Damaging


This Crescent-Shaped Whitish Area Of Your Fingernail Is Called ‘Lunula’ Which Means Small Moon In La


Basically, fingernails are made of a tough protein called keratin. The base of the nail is called lunula which is a group of cells that produce keratin and other living cells.

Lunula Reveals Important Information About Our Overall Health

Lunula Reveals

Lunula deficiency indicates anemia, low red blood cell count and malnutrition, liver disease, an overactive thyroid, heart failure but a bluish/ pale lunula indicates the possibility of diabetes.

And lastly just guess! Your nails can be painted in half-moon style as well!

Your nails

Avoid Getting The White Visible Portion From Getting Damaged As It Will Permanently Deform It

Visible Portion

It is the visible portion which you see of the nail’s root and it should not be damaged because if it gets damaged your entire nail will be defected. However, if the rest of the nail gets damaged or gets surgically removed, it is safe since the lunula stays complete and safe.