Ever Wondered Why We Always Enter And Exit From Left Side Of The Airplane

When you travelled so many hours inside a plane, did you ever wonder why the doorways are always on the left of the plane? Interesting question, isn’t it? For what particular reason could airplane doors be on the left and not the other side? It can be historical or technical, right? Here are the reasons why:

Biplanes from World War 1

World War 1

The biplanes had the stirrup on the left side, thus pilots used to mount their planes from the left side as well.

Goes back to ships


Ships in the earlier times had steering oar on the right side because of which the ships were parked with the dock on the left side. Hence, the rudder of the ship could not get jammed between the ship and dock. Which is why, ships used their left side to embark and disembark off the passengers. When airplanes were invented, they were also designed this way.

Right side used to hold doors

hold doors

The baggage, the fuel and catering take place on right side of the plane through the hold doors. Now they do not want the crowding of passengers as well, otherwise, the travel bags will take way too long to come off the plane. Or the bags might be hitting their heads while de-boarding.

Soldiers mounted their horses on the left


In earlier centuries, men used to carry swords and travel on horses. You can remember ancient depiction movies, right? Or maybe Games of Thrones? Now most of these men were right-handed and carried the sword on their left side of hip, thus when they mounted, sword never got in the way. So basically a continuation to the tradition.

Now here is a technical reason as well


The pilot can keep the right side of engine running as a source of power and air, without any hassle and the fuel is also there at the right side only. Secondly, the air bridges are also on the left side.