Check Out How The Spice Girls Looked Like When They Released Their First AlB*m vs

The ‘Spice Girls’ is one of the biggest English pop girls iconic group formed in 1994. The band included  Melanie Brown (“Scary Spice”), Melanie Chisholm (“Sporty Spice”), Emma Bunton (“Baby Spice”), Geri Halliwell (“Ginger Spice”), and Victoria Beckham, née Adams (“Posh Spice”. The group is all set to celebrate its 20th anniversary reunion. The music lovers can really wait to watch them. They have a more stunning look than ever before. With their natural make over, they are looking young and hottie. It is really hard to believe that they are the same people. Look at these $exy ladies:

Baby Spice: Emma Bunton

Emma Bunton

Bunton, not being the original member of the group, came as a substitute replacing the original fifth member Michelle Stephenson who unfortunately has to leave the group due to an illness in her family and for her willingness to go to college. Also, after the joining of Bunton in the group, they were named Touch.

Ginger Spice: Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell

With the release of their debut single “Wannabe” in 1996 in the United Kingdom, Ginger has done wonders in success of international sales. They cancelled the very thought of calling themselves Spicy Girls after discovering about a porn site by the same name.

Posh Spice: Victoria Beckham (formerly Adams)

formerly Adams

Prior to being Spice Girls, Victoria “Posh” Beckham, Emma “Baby” Bunton and Geri “Ginger” Halliwell all auditioned to be Jet Girl in the 1995 band hit Tank Girl. Beckam joined this all-female group called the Spice Girls in 1994. She first met David Beckham, the star football player for Manchester United at the time, who was being introduced to him by the group’s manager Simon Fuller, a great fan of the team David played for after the game. Earlier, she was not known to David Beckham,

Sporty Spice: Mel C

Mel C

The group involved all Mel C, Mel B, Geri Halliwell, and Victoria Beckham doing auditions (separately) in 1993 after having a watch at a casting call for a girl group in a magazine called The Stage. Despite going to the same auditions without knowing each other, they did not audition as a group.

Scary Spice: Mel B

Mel B

See the real scary Mel B who now turns to be more charming. These girls did not come up with their own iconic nicknames. The names came from the editor of Top of the Pops magazine which devised these names featuring the magazine that was running on the group. After the issue came out, the names stuck. She was never felt humiliated that millions of Spice Girls know her as Scary.