8 Your Eyebrows Say a Lot about Your Personality

Generally, the first thing people notice on your face is “Eyebrows!” But do you know that your eyebrows can tell about your self-confidence, assertiveness, logic, organizational abilities, motivation level, and your ability to take decisions? It is a map of who you are!

Whoa! It can tell so much about you. Isn’t it great? But, how to read eyebrows?

That’s the main question. So whether you have straight, arched, upward slanting, droopy, or curved eyebrows, see what personality trait you have.

Straight Eyebrows

Straight Eyebrow

Reliable, helpful, multitasker, in short you follow the work life balance mantra religiously. You are an intellectual type.

Peaked Brows

Peaked Brows

Like Jamie King you have upside down Vs brows that means you think, learn, and react in fraction of seconds. You are spontaneous, emotional, and thinker whose brain never goes on holiday. People love to be around you.

Naturally Thin Brows

Naturally Thin Brows

Taylor’s eyebrows are way thinner naturally. If your eyebrows are like that too then you have self-confidence issues and may struggle while make decisions. You also chose the path with lesser risks.

Queen’s Eyebrows

Queen's Eyebrows

Naturally higher up brows on your face denotes that you are a perfectionist. You always set higher standards for yourself and the people around you. You gravitate towards independent working rather than working with a group.

Brows That Don’t Match Your Hair


Well, this look can only be held by a bold person, who only care to be centre of attraction and doesn’t care critics’ comments.

Curved Eyebrows

Curved Eyebrows

If you are mimicking the same look of Queen B that means you are also savvy business person, unbiased, fair, trustworthy, and cooperative. You are perfect blend of emotional and friendly nature.

Naturally Bold Brows

Bold Brows

Like Cara Delevingne you are assertive, forward-thinker, decisive, have a ton of self-confidence, easily get frustrated.

Not-So-Naturally Thin Brows


Let me clear one thing to those having not-so-naturally thin brows that it is not on trend anymore. So please stop plucking away all the good qualities. People with such eyebrows are generally considered narcissistic. So keep your brows full as it projects your positive traits.