15 Of The Most Beautiful Women Of 1900s Edwardian Era

Minnie Brown (1883-?)

Minnie Brown

Actress & performer Minnie Brown spent about two decades entertaining Europe, Russia and Far East. She was part of the circle of very successful African-American women performers who were based in Russia.

Ethel Clayton (1882-1966)

Ethel Clayton

This American actress of the silent film era debuted in 1909 a short called Justified. Her pretty brunette looks were reminiscent of the famous Gibson Girl. She appeared mainly in musicals or musical reviews such as The Ziegfeld Follies of 1911.

Annette Marie Sarah Kellermann (1886-1975)


This professional swimmer film actress writer and entrepreneur was one the first was one the first women to endorse one piece swimwear. She went to have her on line of one piece swimsuits and popularized swimming. She had appeared in several movies.

Evelyn Nesbit (1884-1967)

Evelyn Nesbit

This cultural celebrity appeared on various newspapers, magazine advertisements and souvenir items. She was a popular chorus girl and model.She began her career in early teens and posed for a cadre of respected artist of that era. She was idealised as the “Gibson Girl.

Camille Clifford (1885-1971)

Camille Clifford

This Quintessential Gibson Girl was a stage actress and most famous model for “Gibson Girl “Photographs of her appear in historical fashion books and on websites to illustrate the Edwardian style. Her trademark style was a long, elegant gown wrapped around her tightly corseted waist.

Genevieve Lantelme (1882-1911)

Genevieve Lantelme

This French stage actress was a socialite, fashion icon and courtesan. She was believed to be one of the most beautiful women of Belle Epoque. She died in July 1911 under mysterious circumstances.

Lily Elsie (1886-1962)

Lily Elsie

Lily Elsie made her name with the opening of The Merry Widow, in London. She had the town at her feet overnight. Elsie seemed mysteriously beautiful with her perfect Grecian profile, enormous blue eyes. Tall, cool, and lily-like, she moved with lyrical gestures in a slow-motion grace. She was a true ‘star’ of Edwardian times. Elsie was one of the most photographed women of Edwardian Times.

Billie Burke (1884-1970)

Billie Burke

Billie Burke was a famous American actress in early silent films. She was nominated for academy Awards for Best supporting roles. She is remembered for her appearances in the Topper series. Burke’s voice was unique in intonation, which she accentuated in her later character roles as dim-witted, spoiled society types.

Ethel Barrymore (1879-1959)

Ethel Barrymore

An American stage and film actress with distinctive style and voice, Ethal Barrymore was called “The First lady” of American theater. Ethel starred in various radio and television shows and starred in several films.

Aida Overton Walker (1880-1914)

Aida Overton Walker

Aida Overton Walker earned a nick name “The Queen of the Cakewalk”, was an African-American vaudeville performer, actress, singer, dancer, choreographer and wife of George Walker. She and her husband were one of few all black acts allowed to perform on white vaudeville stages.

Maude Fealy (1883-1971)

Maude Fealy

Maude Fealy started her career at the age 3, with her mother and later went on make her debut in Broadway. Fealy quickly became a star in many Broadway and London productions. Among the many plays she appeared in were: Quo Vadis, Sherlock Holmes, The Professor’s Love Story, Heart’s Courageous. She cemented her reputation as a fine actress by playing the female lead in several of the first British actor ever knighted.

Gladys Cooper (1888-1971)

Gladys Cooper

English actress Gladys Cooper‘s career spanned seven decades on stage, films and television. She began her career with a stage play 1906 and then went to become manager at Playhouse Theatre. She starred parallel at West End and On Broadway, she was nominated for three Academy Awards.

Ethel Warwick (1882-1951)

Ethel Warwick

This British actress was best known for her work in The Bigamist, The Magistrate and Bachelor’s Baby. In her teenage this actress was known for n#de modelling.

Julia James (1890-1964)

Julia James

Born in London, this actress appeared in the Gaiety Theatre in “The Girls of Gothenburg”, Havana & Our Miss Gibb.

Marie Doro (1882-1956)

Marie Doro

Marie Doro began her career as chorus girl in musical comedy by Charles Frohman, who then took her to Broadway. She then worked for William Gillette appearing in many melodrama, thrillers and comedies. Although she was typecast in feminine roles, she was in fact notably intelligent, cultivated and witty.