12 Simple Mistakes Not To Make After A Break-Up

Break up is the most crucial step in any relationship as no relationship has fixed commitments in this modern selfish world. Whenever something is not going smooth from either side, you will be dumped by your partner. It may due to high level of aggression, non-compatibility, misunderstandings, etc. As it is a painful breakup which you are facing, so you should avoid doing such simple mistakes shared below:

Re-Reading Whatsapp Conversations

Whatsapp Conversations

Basically, after getting apart, we tend to search for our ex every now and then and also look for him/her chats or mails or letters which would definitely create a havoc. Getting through your WhatsApp conversations is like more of a disturbing factor in your lives. You will end up grief-stricken with rolling tears from your eyes. Archive to keep your mind in healthy condition. The person who was earlier being nice to you is now not that nice and it will hit your head again and again by going over the chat.

Steer Clear From Sleeping With One Of Your Ex’s Friend For Revenge


It might happen that you think of sleeping with one of your ex-friend’s for taking revenge but you don’t know how will you feel after that. You will just feel shitty about yourself.

Regress In Your Mind

Avoid getting the doors of your hearts closed for the fear of getting betrayed this time also. Remember, it is just falling in love with the wrong person, think how beautiful your life would be after falling in love with the right person. First of all, remember, Time is the great healer. If you are going through a bad phase of your relationship and searching for their proper break up advice to help 5you move through this tough time, then follow our given relationship pointers. You now know very well which you have to skip and what you have to do and do-not’s.

Saying You Will Just Be Friends


Generally, human nature is like of getting emotionally attached and not let him go away. But how could you think of someone to be your friend who just stepped upon your heart? No way don’t befriend with the person who ditched you and hurted you so badly.

Having A Stock Of Painful Reminders Around Yourself


Do not go into removing every single trace of your ex if you are not ready but there is really no use in staring at old movie tickets, photos, etc. for a longer period. These relationship mementos can be appreciated for carrying your good times but if it done it is done no back flash.

Avoid Making Him A Part Of Your Social Media

our Social Media

In this modern era of a wide usage of social media, every person is busy posting on Facebook what is going on in their personal lives. After break up also, we have a habit of keeping a track of our ex on Facebook which is certainly a torture. You can atleast hide them from your damn news feed. Ideally block them. You can always unblock them.



You can go for wallowing but for sometime like listening to sad songs, watching breakup movies, reading heartbreak movies but that should be limited. Never allow yourself to be a part of wallowing process for too long to put your routine life to a halt.

Keeping Your Grievances Airy On Social Media


If your ex is of an asshole kind, you may feel tempted to go on Facebook and post your sad story online with a few teary selfies. Remember, you are better than that. So, do something else like write to a friend, keep a diary, or write poetry but keep it offline so that you do not have to regret in the future.

Getting A Drastic Haircut

Drastic Haircut

Do not get reminded of Sundays and avoid being getting caught of your old memories. Making yourself busy and giving yourself a new look by having a haircut will add a new, most amazing chapter in your life.

Keeping Yourself Isolated


It is a human tendency whenever we are deeply hurt from inside, we cannot trust anyone. Though, getting a plus point that you are now aware of who is valuably more important and their worth but hinders yourself from getting yourself hidden from everything. Talk with your friends, cry in front of them, lean on their shoulders, and go out with them.

Keeping His Number Saved


It might be the toughest thing ever but anyhow, you have to do it as the odds after that will make you suffer a lot with ending up texting while being drunk. You will be falsified by reply of the other person giving you false hope. This will result in no longer going of relationship. So, avoid getting stuck in such meaningless relationships.

Rush Yourself Back Into Dating

Into Dating

Do not rush yourself in getting yourself a part of dating by finding someone else as it will result in sudden fights, crying, etc. You can go for a dinner or drink but not other than that.